Things To Come

Ok, so I realize that I haven’t really blogged too much in a while, and definitely not on a regular basis for a little while. But that is going to change. There are some things in the mix that you’ll soon get to see more of around here.

So far, this year, my focus has been on balance and trying to make my life into what I want it to be. And while it may seem slow to some, I’m getting there… on my own terms. If you’ve followed my blog since the beginning of the year, you will see some of this already as I’ve begun to put my feelers out there and figure out how I want 2014 to play out. And then, the other day… boom. A seemingly random post about the Phoenix Film Festival, right? Well, it’s not so random after all. Consider it a sign of things to come.

As I mentioned briefly in the Phoenix Film Festival post, this seems to be starting to look like a convention and festival year for me. I have several things in the works, and here is the list so far:

April 3-10: Phoenix Film Festival
June 5-8: Phoenix Comicon
July 11-13: World Domination Summit
July 24-27: San Diego Comic-Con

And also, I’m unsure of the exact dates since it hasn’t been planned out yet, but Ricky and I also plan to head to Munich, Germany to go to the official Oktoberfest there. Can’t wait for that!

I’m attending each of these events, which are all very different, all in very different capacities as well. Last year I was a volunteer at the Phoenix Film Festival, and this year I plan to cover it pretty extensively on my blog (the plan is to be there as media). For Phoenix Comicon, I bought an early bird ticket for the whole event and plan to just go and take it all in as an attendee, while also giving you some insight into that event as well. I also bought a ticket for World Domination Summit, and it will be my first trip to Portland, so I’m sure you will also see plenty of content about that. And finally, there’s San Diego Comic-Con, where I will be a volunteer. So while my time there will be busy, definitely still expect to see lots of photos and read about my experience there (because I’m sure it will be quite the experience!).

So all in all, over the next few months, expect the blog to turn into a bit more journalistic style. These are all events I’m very excited to be a part of in different capacities, and I’m also excited to share the experience with you. I hope you’ll be excited with me and enjoy the coverage I provide of each event. First up… Phoenix Film Festival! More soon to come…