Celebrity Fan Fest

Conventions are back! With the sudden global pandemic that happened, comic cons are something that basically just went away. Protection of everyone’s health became more important than large gatherings of fans. Keeping everyone safe became more important than cosplay or meeting one’s favorite celebrity. So for the last year and a half, we really haven’t seen too many conventions, especially large ones with the opportunity to meet celebs. Until now! Celebrity Fan Fest is happening July 30 through August 8 at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio.

I’ve missed comic cons!

If you’ve hung around my blog very much, you know that I’m a fan of comic cons, especially ones that give me the chance to meet my favorite celebrities. Celebrity Fan Fest is that and much more. I actually had tickets and was ready to go to a fan convention in Boston last year right about the time the pandemic came along. Unfortunately, the con ended up getting cancelled, and I missed out on some opportunities I was really excited about. But… Celebrity Fan Fest is giving me a second chance on some of those!

What is Celebrity Fan Fest?

I first found out about Celebrity Fan Fest on Twitter. They posted about what might be considered their biggest celeb coming – Ewan McGregor! One of the opportunities I’d been the most upset about missing last year was a photo op I’d purchased with both Ewan as well as Hayden Christensen. Yep… you got it, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker! I’m a huge Star Wars fan, a self-proclaimed “Jedi Fangirl“, and I’ve met a few Star Wars celebs already. When I found out Hayden was also going to be at Celebrity Fan Fest, I promptly bought that photo op. How exciting – a second chance for the photo op I’d been so excited about.

Celebrity Fan Fest is unique in that it lasts for several days and even better, takes place at Six Flags! If you buy a ticket to the Fest, you are also getting into Six Flags Fiesta Texas with access to all of their rides and attractions. You get a fan festival and theme park all in one package. You can purchase tickets and VIP packages here.

Of course, what would a fan festival be without the chance to meet several different celebs? A list of the stars attending the festival can be found here, along with all of the photo ops and autograph opportunities. I’m obviously most excited about Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen, but I love that Owen Wilson is going to be there as well! This will be his first fan convention, and the timing is perfect what with the season finale of Loki recently.

There’s plenty of other opportunities at Celebrity Fan Fest as well, including exhibits and celebrity panels. I can’t wait to check it out. You can find out more about the festival at their website. I hope to see you there!