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Wow, it’s been a while. I know I haven’t blogged in a long time. It’s been hard to find motivation or direction in any creative outlet lately, honestly. I still like blogging (aka writing), but the pressure of feeling like it has to please people or be interesting or live up to SEO standards has made it hard to find that motivation. So I end up just not being interested in doing it. Which I dislike, because I really do need some kind of creative outlet in my life. I think it keeps my life more balanced and joyful. So I started a YouTube channel.

I actually started the channel quite a while ago (during the pandemic, I think?) after I had been watching more YouTube videos than usual and had subscribed to some “creators” (excuse me while I get into this new lingo) that posted regularly. Their videos weren’t really anything super special, but they were about their lives. And I enjoyed watching them. So I guess maybe I thought to myself, “I can do this!” And here we are.

And again, the pressure of what it takes to be successful on YouTube quickly became intimidating. Not that I necessarily want to be? But yeah, I guess maybe I kind of do. It’d be nice to have an income stream from something creative. Could I do it? I think maybe I could, BUT… it would take some time and a lot of effort and energy. Those things are in short supply sometimes. And editing… holy cow, do I not quite have the hang of that yet. That’s the biggest part of making YouTube videos that I seem to continue to put off.

I started out with my channel being based off this site and “brand”, girl vs planet. But I felt like I needed a niche and couldn’t quite figure out what that was. I like too many things. So I started a new brand, Make Everywhere Interesting. I love the idea behind this. My explanation goes back to when I lived in Florida and got a Disney World pass. I went a few times a year. People saw my posts about it and thought I was a Disney fanatic. Sure, I love Disney. But I’m not as dedicated as some. I got the pass and started going because… well, I could. I lived close enough, got a discount, and who doesn’t like Disney World?! So why not get a pass and go? I enjoyed it while I was there, but I’m not one to make all my travels just to Disney.

The fact that people thought this and asked me about it got me to thinking. Honestly, I think I tend to try to take advantage of everywhere I live (or travel, for that matter). I’ve moved a lot the last few years, mostly because of my husband’s job. We’ve been in Arizona, Florida, Northern California, and now two cities in Southern California. That’s a lot of different stuff to see and do! My Disney pass was just me taking advantage of where I lived (both in Florida and to Disneyland in SoCal for a while). I’m a firm believer that you can “make everywhere interesting”, I guess, no matter where you live or travel. That’s why I liked the idea of the Make Everywhere Interesting channel.

I started out with some good momentum, but quickly lost it. Again. And here we are. I’ve decide to ditch the new channel and go back to just girl vs planet. It’s really a branding that suits me, and honestly, I think the same content could be in both places. So… what is my niche? I think it’s still making everywhere interesting. I’m still feeling it out. And figuring it out, for that matter. I can’t promise I’ll post every week. I’m sure there will be times I procrastinate and burn out (it seems to happen too easily). But I still enjoy doing it and want to see where it goes. If you’d like to come along for the journey, please check out the girl vs planet YouTube channel and subscribe!