Phoenix Film Festival

It’s almost that time again… Last year I spent almost a week volunteering at the Phoenix Film Festival, and this year’s festival is almost upon us. I chose to volunteer last year because I didn’t mind the time commitment and I wanted to see a bit more of what it was like behind the scenes. I really enjoyed the festival, and honestly, this year I didn’t want to devote the time required to volunteering, not because I didn’t enjoy it, but because I wanted more time to see more movies!

This year seems to be the year of conventions and festivals for me. But I kind of like that, and I’m actually pretty excited about it. I plan on attending Phoenix Comicon, World Domination Summit, and San Diego Comic-Con this year. And don’t worry, I’ll be telling you about all of them. But the first one out of the gate for the year is the Phoenix Film Festival. And judging from my experience last year, it should be a good one to start off with.

If you are in Phoenix or visiting during this time, I highly recommend this film festival. This year it will be held April 3-10 at the Harkins at Scottsdale Road and the 101. Some of the events included in the festival are located near the theatre, but the main focus is the movies. And if last year is any indication, they won’t disappoint. The film festival staff does a great job of making sure that your viewing experience is top notch. From film shorts to documentaries to horror flicks, there is something for everyone.

If you are into movies at all, definitely make it a point to check out the festival this year. I wasn’t sure what to expect last year, and what I found were not only some really great film offerings, but the chance to meet the directors and actors in these films, which is definitely not something you get the chance to do every day. It was a wonderful experience, and one I hope to repeat again this year!