The Wife by Shalini Boland

I had almost caught up with my NetGalley list of books to read and review when I found some more good ones. I took a short break from my NetGalley list to read The Night Swim by Megan Goldin. It was my Book of the Month selection for August. I got through it really fast! So I jumped right in to what was next on NetGalley, The Wife by Shalini Boland.

Plot Details

This kind of thriller is right up my alley. The book starts out with the wedding of Zoe and Toby. But Zoe has just woken up. She hit her head and lost consciousness and can’t remember what happened right before. But she doesn’t want anything to go wrong on her wedding day. So she sucks it up and goes on with the day. But for the next ten years, she’s a bit haunted by the fact that she can’t remember exactly what happened. And when those around her start to act a bit strange right before her tenth anniversary, she starts to doubt that things happened the way she was told they did.

My Thoughts

The Wife by Shalini BolandI devoured this book! I started it late on Sunday and finished it by early Tuesday morning. Books like this where you just know something is off right from the beginning really tend to suck me in. The harder it is to figure out exactly what’s going on, the more I like them. 

There were a lot of factors at play in this book. What happened at the wedding? Why did Zoe hit her head? Her sister was out of the picture, but why? I do wish we’d gotten to learn more about Zoe’s relationship with Dina, her sister. It wasn’t quite clear why things weren’t great between them.

The Wife definitely kept me guessing. And I loved the tension in it too, especially with some of Zoe’s past friends. I read it so quickly, it felt shorter than it was. This one’s definitely a great one to snag if you like psychological thrillers! It comes out on September 9, but if you have a Kindle, you can preorder the book right now for only 99 cents. Worth checking out if crime thrillers are your thing.

Rating: 4/5