Interference by Brad Parks

It’s been a while since I’ve read a medical thriller. I remember reading books by Robin Cook years ago, and I really enjoyed them. Interference by Brad Parks is a novel that I would consider something akin to a medical thriller as well. Amazon actually categorizes it as a “technothriller”. I loved diving back in to a book like this. It actually made me want to read more Robin Cook again!

Plot Details

Brigid’s husband Matt is a very smart guy. He’s a quantum physicist doing research for Dartmouth. Working with a virus that he thought only affected plants, is it possible that he’s encountered something else? When Matt has an episode in his lab that seems to be something like a seizure, he gets taken to the hospital. Hours later, he’s just fine and goes home. But then it happens again. And then Matt disappears. What is going on? Brigid becomes determined to find out what else is at stake here and whether or not it has anything to do with what Matt was working on in his lab.

My Thoughts

Interference by Brad ParksInterference was a Kindle First Reads book for me, which I actually didn’t realize when I also requested it from NetGalley. Double the free books! And the good news is, if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can snag this one for free as well. Definitely worth the cost! This book was perfect for the mood I happened to be in and really did make me want to maybe check out some more medical thrillers. While I didn’t 100% understand all of the science behind it (um, quantum physics, anyone?), I enjoyed it even so. I’ve always liked reading science-y (I know, not a real word) thrillers. I even liked reading books or watching movies about viruses until they became too close to reality lately! This one was no exception. I honestly didn’t even realize it was something I missed reading until picking up Interference

I got sucked in to this book right away and was excited to see how the story played out. And there were some details that I knew would intentionally factor into the story somehow in the end. I’m not not sure how I feel about how it ended, though. With all of the buildup and background about quantum physics, I think I expected a different ending. Not a bad thing necessarily, just not really what I expected. However, I enjoyed it and read it very quickly. It was interesting, and I plan to seek out more by Brad Parks. This book is out now and can be picked up via Kindle Unlimited, or the ebook is currently only $4.99 on Amazon.

Rating: 4/5