WDS Recap Part 4

Okay, so since I’m on a roll and only have one day left to post about for WDS, I’m going to finish it up today. Here you go!

The last day of WDS. I don’t have as many pictures from this day, but it wasn’t really any less eventful than any of the others. I just stopped taking as many because the race was over, I guess. This was the last chance to earn any points, so I went to see the speakers in the morning and then ran around getting a few more points for the race. I ended up, sadly, coming in 4th place by 1 point! The girl in 3rd place was only 1 point ahead of me. Boo. I was pretty upset about this, but, that’s life, I guess. One cool thing did happen… I ran into Chris Guillebeau outside of WDS headquarters. That kind of made up for being so bummed about the race.

After the race, I was feeling a bit let down, so I didn’t really stay for much of the afternoon session. Instead, I decided to head over to Rogue Brewery. It ended up being a pretty cool place, and I’m glad I went there. I am looking forward to seeing it again with Ricky in a little over a week!

After hitting up Rogue, I hopped on the light rail to head to the airport. On the train, I happened to run into someone else coming from WDS. It happened to be Kathy from BlissHabits.com, who I had communicated with on Twitter before WDS but had not run into until then! We had a great conversation, and she shared some of her bots with me since I had missed the session about them. She was so nice.

While the weekend was great, unfortunately, the flight back was not! It was one of the roughest flights I’d ever been on, with a storm going on in Phoenix. Despite all the wind, we made a safe (but rough) landing late on Sunday night. I had survived WDS, had a great weekend, and I am definitely looking forward to heading back again next year!