God's Pocket

This was the second of two deep movies in a row tonight at the film festival! I sure know how to pick them. Or something. This was one of the last films that Philip Seymour Hoffman did before he passed away. He’s such a great actor, and this film was no different. I think that he was a guy that if I’d ever met him in person, I would have liked him. He always plays great characters, and it seems like through his characters that he was just a guy trying to get along in this crazy world.

The film is about a guy, Mickey, and his wife that live in a place called God’s Pocket. God’s Pocket is a place where you grow up and don’t leave. It sucks you in. It sucks your soul in, until it becomes a part of you. Most of us grow up somewhere and somehow identify with that place, but God’s Pocket just seems like the type of place you don’t get out of. The local newspaper columnist (played by Richard Jenkins) has plenty to say on the subject.

When Mickey’s stepson is killed in a construction “accident”, it further complicates his life. God’s Pocket becomes the playground where events play out, as his wife grieves her only son and Mickey tries to help her through it as best he can. The movie makes you think, about life, death, where you come from, and how wrong and right are not always black and white.

If you’re a fan of Philip Seymour Hoffman, this movie is one to see. It’s exactly what you expect from him, and a good legacy to leave. Here’s to you, Mr. Hoffman… thank you for blessing us with many well-portrayed and genuine characters that will live on on our screens for many long years even since you’ve gone.