I’ve talked about my photography a bit on here, but I haven’t talked a lot about what I have shot. Obviously, I take a lot of photos when I travel, so there’s that. But also… my boyfriend has his own blog (rickyleepotts.com) and he blogs a LOT more than I do. He blogs about a wide variety of things, but one thing that he blogs about a lot is electronic dance music (aka EDM). We are both big EDM fans. He’s gotten into the EDM press world quite a bit and has covered EDM shows and events, including Electric Zoo, a huge EDM festival in New York City over Labor Day weekend every year. We didn’t make it there this year because we were in Europe, but we did cover Electric Zoo for the last two years before that. The first year I hadn’t really gotten into photography yet, but the second year we were there I went as media photographer for rickyleepotts.com. This opened up a lot of doors and became the beginning of shooting a lot of music events.  I got the opportunity to attend one of the Electric Zoo after parties and shoot from the DJ booth where Dirty South was spinning (he’s who is in the featured image on this post).  We were both employed by Live Nation for a period of time running their iPhone app at shows in the Indianapolis area. Live Nation has since cut their live coverage of shows on the app, so that program is now nonexistent. But we had a lot of fun doing it, and I got a lot of good experience shooting photos at live music events. Since then, Ricky has also started covering a lot of music events on his blog, and we have some fun ones upcoming. We’ll be covering Life in Color in November in Tucson (I had to buy a rain cover for my camera for this!) and are just in the beginning stages of a partnership with Relentless Beats, by far the leading promoter of EDM shows in the Phoenix area. The first show we are covering is Paul Oakenfold tonight in Scottsdale! I’m very excited about this partnership and the events ahead. Taking pictures at shows has become a task I really enjoy, and I know Ricky is just as excited about writing about the events as well. So look for more to come! I’m sure you’ll see a lot by following his blog, and I plan on posting the photos that I am able to also (sometimes signed agreements with promoters/production companies don’t always permit me to do that).

So watch this space, and until then, check out the photos I’ve shot of previous events on my music gallery.