So, I’m trying to blog more. And honestly, I’m not really one to just make up something to blog about. The mood has to strike me and something has to seem right for me to really want to blog about it enough to actually, well, sit down and write the blog post. And since I don’t really have that solid blog topic in mind right now… I’m not sure exactly how this post will turn out. But come along for the ride, and we’ll see how it turns out.

It’s going on nine months since Ricky and I moved out here to Arizona. Wow… I just had to count that on my fingers, and I was thinking it was only a little over six months! Time really does fly. Since we’ve been here, I’ve started and quit a part-time job at a bookstore. I loved being around books, and the people were fun to work with, but it was a seasonal job at Christmas time, and they scheduled me more hours than I wanted and I ended up getting burnt out on it really quickly. I decided to quit when Christmas was over. It was pretty frustrating, honestly, since I was working a lot of hours during our first Christmas season here and didn’t have time to enjoy it like I would have liked. But I survived. And decided I probably wouldn’t do that again, at least not during Christmas. I didn’t move to a new city that I enjoy just to not have the time to enjoy it.

I’m still trying to figure out exactly where I fit in out here. Well, not where I fit in exactly… More like who I want to be, or what I am even into. I spent three years as a part-time grad student, and now I have more free time. There are all kinds of things I have on my mind – potential interests, I guess – but I haven’t really committed to much of anything just yet. Ricky, on the other hand, as always, has about a thousand things going on… So many that he often doesn’t even have time for all of them, not like he’d like. I can’t do that. I need downtime… Time where I can just read or watch TV or relax. As an introvert… Well, just read up on introverts, or maybe if you are one, you’ll get it.

One thing we are both starting to discover is the craft beer community here in the Phoenix area. It’s actually really cool… Everybody knows everybody. And they all have at least some knowledge about craft beer. Ricky and I are just trying to keep up with it all, especially right now. Next week is Arizona Beer Week, as a matter of fact. It kicks off with the Strong Beer Festival on Saturday, which pretty much everyone in the craft beer scene here is going to. It should be a lot of fun, as well as kicking off different local craft beer events pretty much every day of the week next week.

Since quitting my part-time job, I’ve gotten kind of lazy. A lot of nights when Ricky is working, I end up just staying home and reading or watching TV and falling asleep on the couch. I need to make an effort to not do that as much, both for the effort to make friends and also expand my horizons and figure out what I’m into. What I’m passionate about. I mean, obviously there is the craft beer thing. But man can’t live on beer alone. (Cheesy, I know.) I have been trying to read more often. And there is the photography thing. I definitely don’t have any lack of potential interests, but it’s really just a matter of getting out and pursuing them. Who should I be? What should I go after? What about you? If you’re not just a busy parent or business person rushing around all the time (which is fine) – what are you passionate about? I’d like to know!