So today I got asked about the tiny ninja hiding. And I had a feeling that since I will be posting more tiny ninja photos on Instagram, I will probably get asked more questions about them.  So… I figured the story would make a good blog post.  Here goes…

It all kind of starts with the TV show LOST. When it was on, I was a huge LOST fan and would have weekly LOST viewing parties with my friends. It was such a good (and addicting) show. Anyway, I got really into the show (obsessed? nah!) and even went so far as to look up filming locations when Ricky and I visited Hawaii while they were filming the last season. (We didn’t go to Hawaii for the purpose of seeing them film or finding filming locations, but it was a really nice bonus.)  It actually Desmondended up being one of the highlights of our trip, seeing locations we remembered from the show, seeing the studio where they filmed, and even meeting Terry O’Quinn’s (John Locke) double and having about a 45-minute conversation with him. And of course, I can’t forget how we ran into Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond Hume) on the beach at Lanikai one day!  I even got to lay in the grave that Ben dug on the beach set at Police Beach. Anyway, none of this is directly related to the story, but it makes for it’s own good story to add on to the post, am I right?

Ben's GraveSo being the huge LOST fan that I was/am, I found myself checking around on the web for cast to see if any of them had much of an Internet presence. Jorge Garcia (Hugo “Hurley” Reyes) had a blog at the time, and I started following it. Through this, I discovered his girlfriend, Beth Shady, who is an author and is very active on social media. Beth turned out to be a very interesting and fun person (who I’d love to meet someday if she’s reading this!) and I’ve continued to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, all of which she posts on quite often.

Beth posted one day about how she used to have this tiny green ninja that she had found several years ago that she had taken with her everywhere for good luck, especially on flights. She ended up losing it a couple of years ago, and Jorge went online to see if he could find her another one. Well, instead of just one, he ordered a bag of 250 of them! SinceNinja From Beth she had so many, she gave them out to friends and started leaving them in public places… hiding them. She also posted on Facebook that if you sent her an envelope with postage, she’d send you one. So I did, and last week I got one from her in the mail. The ninja was so cute, and I liked the fun idea of hiding them so much that I decided to do the same. I’ve also discovered that it sounds like other people are starting to do this as well. So Beth seems to have started a tiny ninja movement! It’s such a fun idea, and it will be neat to see if anyone finds them.

So there you have it. That’s the tiny ninja story. If you are interested in following Beth, she’s on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (linked in the paragraph above). She’s a fun person to follow. Or, if you want to become a #TinyNinjaHider too, you can buy a pretty cheap bag of the ninjas here. Or just follow me and hunt one down!

Tiny Ninja Hider Apprentice (aka girlvsplanet)