A part of me keeps wanting to write this post, and another part of me just thinks that anyone who has followed my Facebook or Twitter feeds the last two weeks is already sick of hearing about David Duchovny. Well, to me this post both is and isn’t about him. Honestly, I think the most general way to say it is this post is about inspiration. But I guess, let me explain.

I know I haven’t blogged in about six months, and the last time I did was kind of about the same topic. But hey, I guess it’s just where inspiration strikes, huh? I need to blog more, even if just for the pure sake of writing. So all I can do is promise to try. I’ve moved across the country since my last blog, so there’s got to be something to write about.

If you did happen to read my last two blogs, you already know the story of how I’ve been a fan of The X-Files since high school, and how I ended up going to a convention in Chicago and meeting most of the stars, along with a bunch of other really cool fans. If you haven’t, well, it’s probably best to just stop right now and go read Part 1 and Part 2 about that.

So all of that was last August. Obviously, a lot has happened since then, like a trip to Europe right after and also a move from Arizona to Florida. One thing I don’t think I mentioned in my last blog was how I had kind of decided that whenever I got the chance to meet David Duchovny again, I would try to make it, just because I found him very inspiring (much in the same way as I do Neil Gaiman, who you’ve also probably gotten sick of hearing about on my blog). I think there must be a part of me that feels like I need to be writing, since I seem to find writers so inspirational. Or, maybe it’s just the devoted reader in me, who knows. Anyway, David scheduled a US tour for his album, Hell or Highwater. I mean, I was obviously going to at least one of the concerts, no question. Then friends that I had kept in touch with since August decided to rent a van and go to ALL of the East Coast shows. Since I had an airline voucher and plenty of PTO time to burn this year, I simply couldn’t resist just how much fun that sounded. And I was right.

I don’t feel the need to go into every little detail of the trip. Let’s just say that most days consisted of riding in the van to some new city (I went to 5 shows in 5 cities in 6 days), lunch somewhere, then getting in line super early for front row spots. And then soundcheck, photos with David, and rocking out the rest of the night. Our group of Duchovniacs changed a bit each night as some left, some joined, and we even met new fans along the way.

What to say about the shows… well, they were a blast. The band is great, I love the songs (all written by him except for a few fun covers thrown in), and while some would disagree, I even like his voice. It was best during the first couple of shows we went to, as he got a cold after that and you could tell a difference even though he definitely put forth a great effort. You can also tell that he’s been working to improve his voice even since the album came out. The best part of the concerts, though, is just how much fun he has with it. He connects with the audience and really gets into the music, even rocking out with what I’ve heard called his “dad dance moves”. You can see he truly enjoys it and makes it fun for everyone that’s there (if they let themselves have fun, anyway).

David Duchovny

Photo with David

Now, outside of the shows… oh boy. I’d have to say that was even as much or more of a blast. There are so many fun Duchovniacs out there! Pretty much all of us are X-Files fans too, so, well, we’re all nerds. Or geeks, however you want to look at it. But I love geeks and nerds and proudly admit to being one, of course. I can’t speak for everyone that was there, but I was able to interact on a bit of an individual basis, I think, with almost everyone that was with us at some point, and I genuinely love this little group of David Duchovny fans. And I think most of them would say the same thing. We had fun exploring New York and other cities, doing improv, and singing karaoke along with our sometimes multi-hour trips on the bus (or passenger van).

Speaking of my own experience, it’s been a rough past year at times. I was honestly pretty happy to move to Florida from Arizona. Even though there are of course people that I really miss in Arizona, there are also people I was ok with getting away from. I’ve had some bad experiences that have left me feeling pretty disillusioned with people and where even having friends is concerned. It kind of left me wanting to be a bit of a hermit and not even really try to make friends for a while. This group of lovely people has helped to change that. They have actually made me want to have friends and be a friend again. And that might be the best thing about this trip for me.



So while I’m sad to say goodbye to David and the Duchovniacs at least for now, I definitely look forward to hopefully seeing them all again soon. And, in the meantime, I’m grateful for inspiration… inspiration both to be more (thanks to David) and to be more of a friend. Much love. <3

Click here for my photo album on Facebook of the trip.

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