And I don’t just mean the “wabo” that you get from drinking too much.

Since Cabo was our most recently taken trip, I thought I’d start my blogging section about travel with that.  We had it planned for a while, and it worked out to be only a couple of weeks after we moved to Arizona.  So when it came to be vacation time, we weren’t even really ready to think about that yet.  But, here we were, headed to Cabo.  It seems there are very few airlines that fly direct from Phoenix to Cabo, surprisingly.  We had to pay around $100 extra per person to get those tickets, but otherwise we were going to be spending a three-hour layover in California, and there’s no way we wanted to do that.  So pricey as it may have been, we flew direct.

The hotel we stayed at in Cabo I simply can’t recommend more.  We bought a Groupon for the Casa Dorada resort in Cabo San Lucas, and it was perfect.  It’s a very nice hotel, right across the street from the beach, with all of the suites having an ocean view.  Our room was upgraded, and it was pretty much the biggest hotel room we’ve ever stayed in.  We had a kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and jacuzzi, with a large balcony overlooking the huge hotel pool.  The service at Casa Dorada was also wonderful.  Our Groupon included certificates for food/drink and the spa, and you can bet we took advantage of those.  Massages and drinks at the pool, for sure!  The swim-up bar was one of my favorite parts.  There were actually bar stools in the pool.  Very nice.

While I enjoyed Cabo, it was also kind of tainted for me, and I came down with a stomach flu or something about three days into the trip.  My stomach really gave me some issues, and I actually came close to passing out from dehydration early one morning.  But, I eventually recovered and we enjoyed our last few days and nights there.  Here are some places that I enjoyed that you should check out if you are ever headed down to Baja California Sur.

Baja Brewing Company

My boyfriend and I are huge craft beer drinkers, and we even have a beer blog we maintain, trying to drink our way through 1001 beers someone said we should try.  So when we found out there was a brewing company in Cabo, we decided to check it out.  There are actually two locations, as we discovered.  The main location is at the marina in Cabo, and we stopped in there while walking through one day.  There is also another location not too far from our hotel, on the roof of another hotel nearby.  If you only visit one location, make it this one for the view alone – it’s gorgeous.  You can look out at the ocean for miles, and you won’t find a more relaxing place to have a good beer in Cabo.


There is one definite reason to try Rip’s.  It is kind of hard to find, nestled into a little market area not too far from Cabo Wabo.  We almost missed it.  But where else can you see someone pour nine shots, all from the same shaker, and each one is a different color?  These rainbow shots are famous, and every bartender that has seen my video of them on Facebook wants to learn how to make them.  But don’t worry, there’s not too much booze… everyone orders them, and who wants the rainbow to be their last drink of the night?

Mango Deck

This place was right outside of our hotel, and was a favorite hangout for a friend of ours that lives in Cabo.  They have stuff going on there every night, and a pretty long happy hour with buy one, get one free drinks.  Some of my favorite food and drinks in Cabo were found at this place.  The atmosphere is fun, and you can’t beat their seafood enchiladas (which I think I had three times by the end of the trip).  Definitely worth a happy hour or two if you’re visiting.

Despite sickness, we had fun in Cabo.  My only complaint would be that there’s really not enough to do.  We were there for over a week, and Ricky went scuba diving and played golf, but I’m not into either of those things (not yet, anyway – I’d like to learn to play golf and now have my own set of clubs, just haven’t got enough practice in yet).  But other than that, drinking, eating, and shopping – it can get kind of boring.  Also, the crowd there tends to be more of a spring break type of crowd, which kind of turned me off a bit as well.  So while Cabo can be enjoyable (just don’t get sick!), unless you’re really into water sports, you might want to limit your stay there to a long weekend instead of a full week’s vacation.  That’s plenty of time to get your “wabo” in!