The Best of Friends by Lucinda Berry

The Best of Friends is the latest book to grace my NetGalley reading list. I actually had gotten to where I had reviewed 80% of the NetGalley books I’d been approved for and had planned to hold off on some others. I have some on my list that actually won’t be released for a while, so I was going to get to some other ones in between. Then I remembered that I’d seen The Best of Friends and had wanted to request it. I went out and looked, and it was actually a “Read Now” selection. There are actually books that you don’t even have to request on NetGalley, you can just go out there and download them and start reading! You should still review them, however… authors like to see that. It’s a good way to “give back” for getting a free copy of a book you liked.

Plot Details

The Best of Friends by Lucinda BerryThe Best of Friends is the story of three mothers and their families. The mothers are Dani, Lindsey, and Kendra, and they were all friends since high school. They have kids about the same age, including three teenage boys, Sawyer, Jacob, and Caleb. At the very beginning of the book, a tragedy occurs, which changes all their lives forever. The details of what really happened that night are unknown to all but the three boys that were there. What really happened? And can the ladies and their families ever recover from it?

My Thoughts

This book was a great find! I don’t remember exactly how I came across it, but I added it to my list of books I wanted to read. And I was right to do so. I loved the mysteries in this book and how they all played out. I have seen some other reviews where the confusion of all the characters was mentioned. That’s the only reason I’m dropping from five stars to four on this one. It did help me to keep notes from the beginning on who was in each family and what their circumstances were. I liked that each mother had her own things going on on top of the main tragedy. The Best of Friends had a lot of facets to it. The main storyline was a mystery, trying to determine what exactly happened “that night”. But because of what happened, a lot of other threads were revealed along the way as well. It gave me something to wonder about the whole way through the book, with additional details I never thought of popping up too.

If you like psychological thrillers as well as a good mystery and some good twists, I’d highly recommend this one. I definitely plan to check out more by this author for sure. The book release date is next week on August 18. But, if you’re new to NetGalley and wanting to find some good books to review, this is a perfect one to start with! You can find it in the “Read Now” section. So download it, review it, and be well on your way to getting even more books approved to review.

Rating: 4/5