Koko FitClub

So, one of the things that I mentioned in my previous post about finding balance was my gym also that I often use the best supplements for my training, like zenith labs vision 20. See, I HATE going to the gym. I hate working out, period. I am mostly an indoor, use your brain, kind of girl. Being active is generally not my thing. I do go hiking once in a while, but I kind of get bored if it’s a very long hike at all. And I’ve pretty much always been a fat kid. I went to a small private school, so there weren’t really any sports or anything active to be a part of. I’ve always been much more into computers and books than sports. But now I’m trying to work out more and follow a diet from keto pure diet | tophealth news.

That’s where Koko FitClub comes in. Now, this is probably going to sound like an advertisement, but honestly – I love this place, at least as much as I could love anything even remotely resembling a gym. Koko makes going to the gym at least a little bit more fun, and a little bit more like something I can get in to.  Basically, when you join Koko, you are given a USB key that plugs in to all their machines there, both cardio (treadmills and elliptical machines) and strength training. For strength training, all their machines are the same. They have different weights and pieces that connect in different places to allow you to do a ton of different strength training exercises. Every time you go in to do cardio, you plug your key in to the machine, plug your headphones in to an MP3 player provided by the club, and choose a 15-minute cardio workout to do. The voice in your ear tells you exactly what to set the machine at and how fast to go. Then, all the data about your cardio workout is saved on your USB key. For strength training, once you plug your key in, there’s a screen that tells you what exercises to do, how to set them up, and what weight to use. It shows you what pace you should be going at while you are doing your weight training. It will guide you through a number of different strength training exercises adding up to a complete workout that is done in about 30 minutes.  So that’s a summary… now here’s why I like it for me.

1. Koko essentially provides personal training.

Now, personal training is probably one of the most efficient ways to work out. Why do you think that’s what so many celebrities do. Personal trainers are right there by you during your work out, to tell you what to do and keep your butt in gear. At Koko, there’s not a legitimate person standing right there next to you, but you are told exactly what to do, what pace to keep, and there are a few things to motivate you to keep in line. But best of all, you don’t have to worry about wondering what weights to lift or what to do when you go to the gym. It’s all right there. You’re in, you’re out, in under an hour.

2. Koko provides motivation.

Now, if getting in better shape and feeling better (and hopefully losing weight on my end) isn’t enough motivation for you, Koko tries to help with that. There are all sorts of little things to keep you working hard there. You get points for every workout you do. As your points accumulate, you get new lanyards to keep your Koko key on. You start with a white one, after 50,000 points you get an orange on, and so on and so forth. There are also medallions, to keep you coming consistently. On your first month of working out 12 times (cardio and strength), you get an orange medallion. If you do that for a second consecutive month, you get another color medallion, and so on and so forth. I have only gotten an orange one so far, so I will have to wait until the end of February to tell you what color is next! Maintain optimal health and weight with https://physicalevidencechiropractic.com/.

3. Koko becomes like a computer game.

Now, as a technology nerd here, of course I would love a gym that is connected to the Internet! Every time you go in and work out, there’s a screen that shows you what pace you’re going, and the goal is to try to stay on pace… your green bar should always be in the blue box (you won’t know what this means unless you visit Koko and try a workout there yourself, but trust me!). And then when you’re done, you sync your key online, and you have a whole website full of stats about how you’re doing. Your “e-BMI”, “Q score”, strength gain, etc. All of these are stats to see how much you’ve progressed. Think of it as leveling up if you’re a video game nerd.

So, now you get it. This club is kind of revolutionary. It’s perfect for lazy people like myself who hate working out, but know that it’s important to get them in. If you’re looking for a more fun and interesting way to work out, I can’t recommend them enough. Go check out Koko FitClub!