Well, here it is – my first negative review. I wasn’t really a fan of this movie. I went in with a lot of expectations, because from the reviews I’ve seen, it sounded like it was pretty good. It’s got great reviews from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Twelve out of the currently thirteen reviews there for it are positive. I guess I just expected too much. I blame you, Rotten Tomatoes!

Oculus is the story of two kids (now grown adults) whose parents were killed right in front of them. The girl, Kaylie, is convinced that it was because of an antique mirror that her dad had purchased. So she hunts the mirror down to prove it. Ok, now that right there… seriously, who in their right mind does that? If you thought your parents died because they were affected by this thing – why on earth would you go FIND it? I would stay as far away from the thing as I could and hope to never see it again.

That is just the beginning. I mean, does not the premise basically give away almost all of the movie? I kept hoping there would be a twist at the end. SPOILER ALERT: There’s not. The movie plays out exactly the way you expect it to. The way the movie plays out is kind of different, I guess – seeing what happens when they were kids alongside what happens to them as adults. But it doesn’t even come close to saving the movie. There’s no worry about spoilers here, because from almost the very beginning (even from the trailer, you might say) this movie spoils itself. I wouldn’t waste your time with this one – you’ll see almost everything coming from a mile away.