Life Update

Ok, so I know… it’s pretty much been an unfortunate amount of time since I last blogged. But I’ve really had a lot going on! So, I thought I would give you all a “life update” blog in case you were interested.

My last update was in May, so here’s what’s happened since then. Well, for starters… I bought a new car! Not a NEW new car, but a new to me car. And it’s actually ALMOST new, seeing as how it’s only a year old. I was driving a 2005 Mini Cooper convertible. Then, one day the convertible top broke on it. I took it in to get that and some other things fixed, and it looked like my extended warranty was going to pay for getting the convertible top fixed. But after almost a month of back and forth between the warranty company and the Mini dealership, the warranty company finally came back and refused to pay. It would have cost me $3,000+ to get the top fixed, along with about another $800 of repairs. Yikes! Now, I know that I could have either 1) gotten nothing fixed or 2) gotten only the other repairs done or 3) ponied up and paid to get the top fixed too, but really, I didn’t have the money to fix all of it at once. And I know how I am, and how it would start to bother me that the car was getting older and started to have other problems along with having a convertible with an unusable top. So… I ended up finding a (non-convertible) 2013 CPO (certified pre-owned) Mini at the dealership that I liked, so I traded in the old one. Here’s my new baby:

New Mini Cooper

So there’s that. Life change #2… we also bought a house! Yep, after living in apartments together for 4+ years, Ricky and I decided we wanted to own something of our own instead of continuing to live in an apartment forever. After much searching and not finding what we wanted for the price we wanted, we were almost ready to give up, then with the help of a new realtor, we stumbled upon a place that we really love so far. It has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a two-car garage, two floors, and a FABULOUS view from our front balcony (we also have a back patio and back balcony as well). We are loving almost everything about it. (I especially love that view from the balcony and having a much bigger kitchen to cook in!) So moving and unpacking are some other things that have kept us pretty busy.

Check out our fabulous view!

View from New House

Among those and other changes and things we’ve had going on, I’ve been traveling for work and dealing with a few changes going on there as well. I flew to Charlotte for a week in May, flew back to Phoenix for Memorial Day week/weekend, then headed back to Charlotte for another week to finish up the planning and training we’d been doing there. But, I’m back home now and trying to get settled into the new house. I’ve finally gotten most things unpacked and in place except for all the things we need to hang up on the walls. We’re getting there.

I have a few events coming up that I hope to blog about, so hopefully you’ll be hearing more from me in the coming weeks. July is just around the corner, and I have two trips planned for then. July 11-13 I will be in Portland for World Domination Summit, which I’m looking forward to experiencing and writing about. And then two weeks later, I’ll be hearing to San Diego for San Diego Comic-Con, which should be quite the experience too. I look forward to sharing all of this with you, my dear readers, so stay tuned!