Yeah, you out there.  Reading this post.  I just think you should know something.  You are great.  Yep, you.  You’re awesome, really fabulous.  Don’t think I’m talking about you?  Well, I am.  I know how you feel, and I thought you should know this.  I know that you have doubted yourself.  I know that you still doubt yourself.  I know that you feel like you’re never quite good enough.  I know that you think you should look different.  I know that you think you should do more or be more.  Let me guess, you’re not skinny enough, right?  Or you don’t work out enough or eat right?  You also don’t feel like you try hard enough.  You’re not smart enough.  You’re too selfish.  No one ever praises you on anything or tells you you’re doing things right.  Well, I’m here to let you that you are.  In fact, you’re pretty awesome.

First of all, you look great.  You’re just the right size, the size you should be right now.  In fact, there’s no size you “should” be.  You’re just the size you are.  Maybe you could be healthier, but couldn’t we all?  Being healthy is no guarantee our life will be longer, anyway.  It might help, but when it all comes down to it, we’re gonna die when we die.  All of us.  So if you want to try to be healthier, go for it.  Start running, like I did.  Or just be more active somehow.  Or eat healthier foods.  Or not.  Either way, it’s okay.  Because you’re the size you are now, and that’s just the size you should be.  You look great either way.

I know you think you don’t do enough or that you don’t do the right things.  Yep, I know.  But you know what?  You try.  Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual.  You, like everyone else, are doing the best you can.  And look at what you’ve accomplished.  You’ve grown in life.  You’ve learned.  You’ve tried some paths, stumbled, and got back up and continued on.  And you’ve tried other paths that turned out to be the best path you could possibly be on.  You are you.  And you’re not like anyone else in the world.  You’re good at some things, really good.  Maybe you think you should be better at other things, but if you’re not passionate about those things, who cares?  Why does it matter?  You’re good at the things you like, the things you want to be good at, so do those things.  The world needs people that do those things.  That’s why we’re not all good at exactly the same thing.

Wherever you’re at, whatever you’ve done or not, there’s something great about you.  And that is that no one else in the world can be you.  And being you is something pretty awesome.  The world needs people of all sizes, shapes, and intelligence levels.  Somewhere along the line it became popular to be a certain size or shape or age or gender or have a certain sexual preference or certain beliefs.  But the truth is, they’re all beautiful.  They all bring something special to the world.  And that means you, exactly as you are.  We could all possibly do things differently and create different outcomes.  But who is to say that those outcomes will or would be better?  So today, I’m here to tell you that contrary to what you believe, you are good enough.  In fact, you’re pretty fantastic.  So please… don’t try to be anyone other than you, and don’t feel bad for being you.  Because you are the only one who can.