My Sister's Husband by Nicola Marsh

I think I’ve started requesting too many books on NetGalley. My to-be-read list is starting to get out of control. Not only do I have several to read and review on NetGalley, I also have physical books from Book of the Month as well as other books I just want to read. Not that any of this is a bad problem to have! I’m discovering a lot of good books and authors lately, and I love it. The latest one from NetGalley was called My Sister’s Husband, and it’s by Nicola Marsh.

Plot Details

My Sister's Husband by Nicola MarshMy Sister’s Husband is the story of two sisters, Brooke and Freya, who were raised by their aunt, Alice. Brooke left home ten years ago and is now returning for Freya’s wedding. Simple enough, right? Not exactly. Who is Freya’s soon-to-be husband, and how does Brooke know him? What secrets are their Aunt Alice hiding? One after another, each secret is revealed. Will their family be able survive the revelations or will it fall apart before the wedding even happens?

My Thoughts

There are SO many secrets revealed in this book! You know from the beginning that something is going on, and everything is not as it seems. But what’s the backstory? What really happened to Brooke to make her leave her family for ten years? And what is Freya hiding?

I really got into this book. Brooke and Freya had an interesting relationship, for sure. The book is also sprinkled with chapters from Alice’s point of view, so what’s really going on is revealed gradually. The timeline is almost a “meet in the middle” sort of story, as the chapters about Alice get closer and closer to present day. 

There are so many things to figure out in this book, and I loved that about it. It was right up my alley. I’ve been into mysteries since Nancy Drew as a kid, and I even wanted to be a detective as a kid. Nothing makes me more interested than a book where you are continuously trying to figure out exactly what’s going on. My Sister’s Husband fits that perfectly. I also liked that the timeline wasn’t quite linear with the different viewpoints, but was still easy to follow at the same time.

I’d kind of liken this one to The First to Lie that I read recently. The story is very different, but if you like either of these, I think you’ll enjoy the other. Both are quick reads that will keep you paying attention and guessing something new as you keep turning the page. My Sister’s Husband is out on 10/27, but you can pre-order it at Amazon right now.

Rating: 4/5